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From brochures, postcards and letterhead through website creation and graphic design, PowerUser provides cohesive, consistent branding to increase recognition, boost client retention rates and attract new customers. Bold HTML email campaign services. In-house printing. CD/DVD printing...

PowerUser has all the tools you need to deliver your brand identity — today!

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INT Design & Development

Graphic Design

Our design team strives to capture the visual persona of your company while helping strategize a user-friendly interface to increase your marketability. The goal of our work is to create a foundation from which your marketing in print and in web can be built.

Our concepts translate into a cohesive package of web and collateral materials such as brochures, banners, posters, stationery and newsletters that all communicate your brand to the world.

We are capable of taking your vision one step further. We work with our clients throughout the development process by creating visuals of the final web design and giving creative consultation before any site is built. This is important because it helps to show our end goal for functionality and layout design, which helps to decrease time and improve customer satisfaction

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Web Development

PowerUser helps businesses tap into the new thriving internet marketplace and reach more clients than ever before all over the world with customized web development. Our programmers take the results of the design consultation and bring those concepts to life online, incorporating options like shopping carts, dynamic pages, databases, client accounts, web-based reports and menus all programmed in a variety of advanced and universal coding languages, such as Visual Basic, Visual Basic.NET, C#.NET, ASP.NET, BroadVision, ColdFusion, database programming languages for SQL Server and Oracle.

Ever thought of running your company online? We can build an intranet for human resources, asset management, project management, etc., creating a secured site you and your staff can access online from anywhere. Use it to help connect multiple offices or employees who telecommute, store documents online and become a paperless company. There are endless possibilities of what we can build. Just tell us what you want to create.

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Website Search Optimization


A Web Analysis is an in-depth research report on the current status of your business and/or current site on the Internet. We educate our clients on what measures to take and how to implement them to best optimize your search-ability and ranking on the Internet.

The research includes:

+ Website ranking analysis on top search engines such as Google, Yahoo, & MSN

+ Review of current website search tags

+ Competitive market research and SWOT analysis

+ Compiled information of where your business is mentioned or linked

+ Customized recommendations for search optimization

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Web Marketing Implementation


We don't expect you to have the time or the know-how to execute the marketing improvements to your site. We'll then implement the suggestions from our Web Analysis Report; for example we submit your site to a variety of major search engines, organize you search words on your site, add special code to direct the search engine bots to revisit your site in a certain amount of time, and submit your site to directories that can help boost your ranking to name a few.


The SEO process does not stop there. The best part of a website is you can constantly improve it and refine the target marketing and see results. That's why we offer supplmentary services such as routine optimization, email campaigns, and online marketing.

Web Marketing Results

Here are some results from our search optimization tactics and online marketing campaigns. - Average of 800 visits a month to2,300 visits - Average of 160 visits a month to 1,000 visits - Average of 1,300 visits a month to 1,700 visits
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